About Terra Verde Resort HOA

Terra Verde Resort is a vacation rental community consisting of 363 privately owned homes; 155 single-family homes and 208 townhomes, sprawling over 90 acres of palm trees, tropical plants, lakes and ample restort style amenities.  Our resort is professionally staffed with expereinced and energetic people ready to help make your expreince amazing. 

The resort was designed to cater to vacationers eager for relaxation and fun in Central Florida. The majority of homes are owned as investment properties or second homes, with some owners living on-site fulltime.  All Rentals are limited to 120 days or less.  Owner occupancy can not exceed 25%. If you're planning to purchase a home in our resort as your primary residence, please contact our general manager at GM@Terraverderesort.net prior to writing an offer. 

The resort is governed by three home owners associations, Masters, Manors and Villas. All owners are members of the Master Association, which is responsible for all common and shared resort property and assets. All single-family owners are members of the Manors Association and all townhome owners are members of the Villas Association.

The three associations levy separate quarterly fee assessments. All new owners are also required to pay an initiation fee to each association they become members of upon closing of your sale. For current assessment and initiation fees please contact our office. 

Assessments and Dues

Terra Verde HOA Assessments - 2023

All owners pay Terra Verde Resort Master fees and assessments plus corresponding association fees and assessments based on the home you own; Manors and/or Villas. Single-family homes belong to The Manors at Terra Verde Resort HOA, Townhomes belong to the Terra Verde Resort Villas  HOA.

Master Association assessment $3480 Annually, payable in 4 quarterly assessments of $870
Manors Association assessment $1012 Annually, payable in 4 quarterly assessments of $253
Villas Association assessment $1360 Annually, payable in 4 quarterly assessments of $340
Quarterly assessments are due on the 1st of January, April, July and October. 

NEW OWNER INITIATION FEES *one time fee paid at closing. 
Masters Initiation fee $1500
Manors Initiation fee $1000
Villas Initiation fee $50


Terra Verde Resort is in the process of changing how assessments are paid online. Please come back soon for accurate information. DO NOT USE SMARTSTREET/PACWEST/UNION! 

CHECKS BY MAIL- Make checks payable to Terra Verde Resort Master HOA, The Manors at Terra Verde HOA and/or Terra Verde Villas HOA.  Please include your account number in the memo line to ensure that payments are applied to the correct account. Your account number is your property number and the first letter of your street. Please send a separate check for each association. Mail to Terra Verde Resort at 109 Madiera Beach Blvd Kissimmee, Florida 34746

For questions, please call the resort office 1-407-396-2327 Or Email gm@terraverderesort.net.

Board of Directors

Terra Verde Resort Master Association Board of Directors

Kristine Fowler-Sapp | President | Vacation Home | USA
Danny Lecours | Vice President | Vacation Home | CANADA
Kenya Weldon | Treasurer | Vacation Home | USA
Love McKee | Secretary | Second Home | USA
Vicki Figueroa-López | Director | Vacation Home | USA

Manors at Terra Verde Resort Board of Directors

Kenya Weldon | President | Vacation Home | USA 
Danny Lecours | Vice President | Canada
Kristine Fowler-Sapp | Secretary | Vacation Home | USA
Nina Carswell | Co-Treasurer | Vacation Home | USA
Kimberly Hughes | Co-Treasurer | Resident | USA
Robert Steenstra | Director | Second Home | USA

Terra Verde Resort Villas Board of Directors

Vicki Figueroa-López | President | Vacation Home | USA
Love McKee | Vice President | Second Home | USA
Todd Graba | Treasurer | Vacation Home | USA
Tom Norman | Secretary | Vacation Home | USA
Jonathan Burley | Director | Resident | USA
Robert Kane | Director | Vacation Home | USA
Pam Myers | Director | Resident | USA