Who owns Terra Verde Resort Resort?
Terra Verde Resort is owned collectively by the owners of all of the individual properties
What is the size of Terra Verde Resort Resort?
Terra Verde Resort consists of 208 (3 & 4 bedroom) townhomes, and 155 (4,5,6 & 7) single family homes
When was Terra Verde Resort built?
Terra Verde Resort was built in phases, over the years 2003 - 2006. During that period Terra Verde Resort won the MAME "Best Community" award and in recent years the Resort has received a number of 'Certificate of Excellence' awards from Tripadvisor
Who manages Terra Verde Resort?
Terra Verde Resort is managed by a professional Resort Manager and operated by full time staff, all under the direction of the Home Owner's Association.
Is Terra Verde Resort a time share location?
No, all homes are privately owned.
What facilities exist at Terra Verde Resort?
In addition to the facilities offered by the individual properties, Terra Verde Resort offers a Clubhouse with reception, fitness center, internet facilities, games room and meeting room. Also a landscaped, free form pool with Spa and Tiki Bar. Basket and Netball courts exist together with all weather table tennis and a children's play area. The central lake is stocked for fishing.    Please check the Clubhouse and Resort sections of this site.
Terra Verde Resort is a gated community. What does this mean?
Terra Verde Resort is a gated community with Guest and Owner vehicle access controlled via an electronic card system. In addition, gate staff maintain the gates 24hrs. a day. The resort also utilises a camera surveillance security system.
How far is Terra Verde Resort from the major attractions?
Terra Verde Resort is approximately 10-15 minutes from Disney World, 20 minutes from Sea World amd 25 minutes from Universal Studios.
Where are the nearest shops / supermarkets?
Terra Verde Resort is less than 5 minutes from the nearest Supermarket (Wal*Mart) and other shops & Restaurants on the US192.
The nearest discount Mall is approximately 10 minutes away.
How do I enquire about, or book my vacation stay at Terra Verde Resort?
By using the enquiry form located on this site, you will receive vacation rental quotations directly from Terra Verde Resort home owners. You are encouraged to communicate and book directly with those home owners.
May I book a vacation at Terra Verde Resort by phone?
All vacation homes at Terra Verde are individually owned and whilst you are free to phone Terra Verde for information regarding the resort facilities (phone + 407 396 2327), please be aware that the reception desk is unable to respond to vacation enquiries on behalf of the individual owners. The most efficient method of receiving vacation quotations, is to use the enquiry form located on this site.
I am nervous about booking on the internet. May I book at Terra Verde Resort in security?
Whilst nothing is 100% secure on the internet, by using the enquiry form on this site, you will be dealing directly with the home owners, all of which are registered with the Terra Verde homeowner's association. It is in the best interests of the Owners and their Association, that guests have the best possible experience with their stay at Terra Verde Resort.
What are the check-in and check-out times?
Due to the fact that all properties are privately owned at Terra Verde Resort, check-in and check-out times are determined by individual owners. However, as general rule, check-in times is normally 4.00pm and check-out times is 10.00am. Of course, one of the advantages of dealing directly with an owner, is the fact that any specific requests regarding timings (or indeed any other issue) can be discussed directly with the home owner
If I experience problems whilst visiting, whom do I contact?
All owners employ a local, 3rd. party management company of their own choosing, who, in the absense of the owner, look after the day to day maintenance of an owner's property. Should a guest experience any issues regarding individual vacation homes,they should contact either the owner or the owner's management company. The Terra Verde Resort reception maintain a list of owner's management companies and would be able to advise.
Any issue regarding the general Resort, should be addressed to the Resort Manager and his staff, whose office is located in the clubhouse.
Where may I obtain more information about Terra Verde Resort?
You may wish to visit the Terra Verde Resort Home Owners Association website.
Also the Terra Verde Resort, Guest & Owner forum.
I am interested in purchasing a vacation property at Terra Verde Resort
There are no new homes under costruction at Terra Verde Resort, however there are some properties available within the re-sale market. The management of the resort is not involved in any re-sale of properties, so it is best to consult a local Realtor.
Should you have any questions concerning the benefits of owning a vacation property at Terra Verde Resort, you may wish to visit the Terra Verde Resort Home Owners Association website, or ask questions of existing owners at the Terra Verde Resort, Guest & Owner forum.